Sodaclick Conversational
Voice AI

Revolutionise order taking with Sodaclick

AI Products That Understand You, Globally

Extend your brand’s reach with powerful speech recognition capabilities

Automatic Speech Recognition

Overcome speech recognition barriers such as background noise, accents or unique vocabulary.


Expand your brand in more than 86 languages and variants for a truly global voice AI strategy.

Natural Language Understanding

Make sense of messy natural language through custom conversational AI models.

A Truly Touch Free Experience

Augmenting real world solutions with Sodaclick Voice

Natural User Interface

Improve fulfilment time, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and hygiene

Immersive Experience

Use voice AI to supercharge customer experiences at every touchpoint

No Wake Word

Automatic speech recognition through various sensor and event triggers

Dynamic Solution

Conversational AI and HTML5 work together to enhance customer experiences.

Custom Conversational AI

Increase business ROI with every interaction through AI.

Deploy conversational Voice AI for self-service kiosks and drive-thru systems to enable highly accurate, touch-free virtual assistants that are accessible to those with visual / physical impairments, and truly augment everyday service.

Sodaclick’s conversational AI models for quick service restaurants provide real-time, human like and contactless experiences for consumers in over 86 languages & variants.


Increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and 24/7 message consistency through touchless, voice AI interactions.

Sodaclick Voice enables sellers in retail and hospitality to create and deploy hands-free, voice activated interactive digital signage solutions for self service kiosks and drive through systems. Sodaclick’s cloud software provides real-time, near human, immersive, and contactless experiences for consumers.

Sodaclick Drive Thru

Watch our latest video to discover how Sodaclick Conversational Voice AI can revolutionise customer experiences for brands.

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End-To-End Architecture

From the cloud to the edge, create and deploy with Sodaclick

Superior Enterprise Voice AI Solution

Comprehensive privacy and security


Your custom speech data and models are encrypted whilst they’re in storage


Your data remains yours. Audio input and transcription data aren’t logged during audio processing


Sodaclick offers enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance and manageability

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