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Sodaclick automates customer service and online engagement.

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Multiple Touchpoints

Increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and  24/7 message consistency.


Conversational Voice AI for kiosks improves customer experience with natural interactions, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Drive Thru

Our Conversational Voice AI enhances drive-thru service with fast and accurate communication, saving time and boosting satisfaction.

Pos Terminal

Sodaclick streamlines in-store ordering with Conversational Voice AI for optimized operations and customer experience.

Phone Ordering

Sodaclick automates phone conversations, providing tools to confidently communicate for persuasive, informative and engaging discussions.

A Truly Touch - Free Experience

Augmenting real world solutions with Sodaclick Voice

Natural User Interface

Improve fulfilment time, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and hygiene

Immersive Experience

Use voice AI to supercharge customer experiences at every touchpoint

No Wake Word

Automatic speech recognition through various sensor and event triggers

Dynamic Solution

Conversational AI and HTML5 work together to engage customer experiences.

Sodaclick Drive Thru

Watch our latest video to discover how Sodaclick Conversational Voice AI can revolutionize customer experience for businesses.

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End-To-End Architecture

Sodaclick provides the whole solution from fast and accurate Conversational Voice AI to beautiful dynamic digital signage content.

Secure, Fast, Private

From the cloud to the edge, create and deploy with Sodaclick


Your custom speech data and models are encrypted while it’s in storage.


Your data remains yours. Audio input and transcription data aren’t logged during audio processing.


Sodaclick offers enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance and manageability.

Trusted By World Class Organisations

Sodaclick supplies leading technology to world class leaders

HTML5 Digital Signage
Content Platform

Upgrade digital signage with dynamic, engaging multimedia by HTML5.

Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital signage platform specialising in dynamic content and voice AI experiences at every touchpoint

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