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Powering content and AI experiences at every touchpoint, globally.

Mission Statment

To drive the future of AI digital solutions by creating immersive customer experiences through innovative software, hardware and strategic alliances.


About Us

Sodaclick is a leading global content and AI experience innovator that is driving the future of retail, hospitality and beyond.

With Sodaclick’s content and conversational voice AI solutions, businesses can increase sales through upsell opportunities, unifying brand image, and personalising data driven interactions with its customers. Sodaclick enables QSR brands to address labour shortages, improve speed of service, and overcome language barriers by reshaping the in-store and drive-thru experience.

Additionally, Sodaclick provides dynamic HTML5 content through its creative platform with seamless digital signage CMS support and thousands of customisable agency grade graphics for maximum engagement.

Effortlessly aligning with the wider ecosystem of hardware / software partners, and system integrators, Sodaclick offers a flexible avenue to introduce its digital products across various sectors, including QSRs, retail, hospitality, education and public spaces.

Sodaclick is committed to influencing the future of technology, by creating new ways to engage with the world and harnessing the potential of its solutions, empowering brands to thrive in an age defined by dynamic digital experiences.

Managment Team

Ibrahim Jan

CEO & Founder

Ihsan Jan

COO & Co-Founder

Jafar Jan

IT Operations

Salwa Al-Tahan

Marketing Executive

Mina Mustafa

Business Development

Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital signage platform specialising in dynamic content and voice AI experiences at every touchpoint

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