Unleash the Power of Stunning Digital Signage with Sodaclick’s HTML5 4K Content Platform and BrightSign XC5

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When it comes to digital signage players, BrightSign XC5 shines as a leading solution in the industry. With its impressive array of features and capabilities, including support for full-resolution graphics and breathtaking 8K videos, these players are at the forefront of technology. And what does this mean for you? 

It means that Sodaclick’s high-quality HTML5 4K content can be displayed in all its glory, ensuring optimal playback and an immersive visual experience just as intended.

As a leading platform in content creation, Sodaclick has always pushed the boundaries to deliver the finest graphics with hundreds of high quality agency grade design templates and content for the digital signage industry. The fully customisable templates seamlessly integrate videos, animations and real-time data-driven graphics all into a single project that is easily accessible and editable from any device. But to ensure the stunning visuals created on Sodaclick are brought to life with exceptional quality it is essential to rely on the power and performance of robust digital signage players such as the BrightSign XC5.


Creating Ultra-Smooth 4K HTML5 Visuals with Sodaclick

Renowned for its lightning-fast content loading times and unparalleled HTML performance that surpasses a signage PC, BrightSign players demonstrate their superiority in the digital signage realm. So with Sodaclick’s HTML5 connected graphics rendered in real-time through the BrightSign XC5’s powerful HTML5 JavaScript rendering engine, you have complete freedom to create captivating visuals. This means that Sodaclick users can confidently create stunning, ultra-smooth 4K HTML5 content and effortlessly display them across up to four screens at an astonishingly high frame rate of 60fps. All using a single BrightSign XC5 player equipped with 4K HDMI Quad Video output.

Whether it’s attention grabbing video walls, stylish in-store menus, impactful QSR displays, or internal communication messages spanning various industries, Sodaclick and BrightSign really are the perfect tools to make your vision a reality, and users can totally relax knowing there is no longer a need to waste time worrying about lag, poor performance, or screen tearing as Sodaclick and BrightSign have got you covered! Leaving users to focus on what matters the most- creating engaging content that will capture attention and leave a lasting impression!

Below is a summary of a few of the remarkable benefits you can expect from combining BrightSign XC5 players with Sodaclick’s HTML5 4K content.

Benefits of using the BrightSign XC5 and Sodaclick.

Simplicity: Sodaclick’s user-friendly HTML5 content platform makes content creation and deployment effortless. Allowing you to bring your ideas to life quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

Stunning Visuals: Sodaclick’s high-quality agency-grade design templates across industries are fully supported by BrightSign XC5 players. Ensuring that your visuals look astonishing on displays of any size.

Flexibility: The versatile BrightSign XC5 players enable you to create a wide range of digital signage applications, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Reliability: Built to last, BrightSign XC5 players offer unmatched reliability, guaranteeing that your digital signage is operating flawlessly when it matters the most. 

Sustainable: Easy to maintain, power-efficient, and update-able, BrightSignOS is the long-lasting and sustainable choice for digital signage.

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