Let's all 'Nourish and Bloom' with Voice AI!

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Salwa Al-Tahan

5th May 2022

Sodaclick and UST join ventures to create a frictionless vision self-checkout experience

Nourish and Bloom Market has been making the headlines with NBC and FOX news amongst the many covering their success! Not only is N+B the first African American owned autonomous grocery store it is also the first in America to have the cutest temperature controlled robotic delivery service! 

The whole ethos of owners Jamie and Jilea Hemmings is to make healthy, locally sourced, high quality food accessible to all in the community 24/7/365 days a year, especially after their eldest son was diagnosed with Autism. But the inspiration and motivation to open this unique store came during the pandemic, where they wanted to provide a totally frictionless shopping experience for customers- without the need for queues or unnecessary contact. 

Another first to be celebrated is the use of Sodaclick’s proprietary Voice AI solution which is implemented in UST’s exemplary vision checkouts to help complete that frictionless customer experience in store.

So apart from the ‘grab and go’ journey, customers purchasing items where barcodes can not be used and items need to be weighed or scanned (for example from the deli bar, bakery or fruits and vegetables aisle) can also have a totally contactless and speedy experience through the vision self-checkouts.

How does Voice AI come in?

Voice AI provides an alternative option to touch and gesture controls. It is not only immersive and natural but also inclusive for those with any visual or physical impairments and ideal for those with some levels of autism where touch or gesture controls is difficult or not possible.

Sodaclick Voice uses ASR- Automatic Speech Recognition providing a friendly and near human-like interaction that is easy to use with optimum recognition. This high level of engagement allows the UST vision self checkout kiosks to be comfortable and suitable for use worldwide in commercial settings.

SO…..how does it work?

Customer’s items that they have picked up are simply placed on the weighted scales and now the magic happens! 

No your pumpkin isn’t going to turn into a carriage and your beans are not going to bring you a sack full of gold- but it’s still very exciting for the world of retail!

All the multiple items placed on the scales are instantly recognised by the smart cameras and within less than 5 seconds- due to AI product learning technology, the items are displayed on the screen in almost real time with the bill ready for payment.

The voice AI implores multilingual speech recognition in over 85 languages with natural language understanding (NLU) and allows customers to use their voice commands to add or remove items and complete their payment options all contact free. 

Offering speech playback, the conversational Voice SDK was easily integrated by UST to greet customers and guide them through preferred payment options, making the user experience very pleasant and natural.

Major benefits of Voice AI technology other than being inclusive, is it allows customers to check out three times faster and safely without concerns of sanitisation, completing that truly contactless experience.


Watch the video below to get an idea of just how easy voice enabled vision check-outs are to use.

Customers are loving it!

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