Integrate 2022: AV Brilliance

17th – 19th August 2022

ICC Sydney

August 2022 marked the convergence of AV enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators at Sydney’s Integrate trade show. This annual gathering exemplifies the growth and transformation of AV technologies in the Australian landscape and beyond.

For a detailed look at the event’s offerings, consider visiting the official Integrate website.

Sodaclick’s Noteworthy Contribution:
While Sodaclick did not have a standalone booth, our presence was felt through our solution on display. Our pioneering Voice AI SDK, aimed at redefining the future of enterprise room control, was showcased at the event, co-exhibited with our partner, Av Supply Group. This solution mirrors our intent to continually push the boundaries and provide cutting-edge tools for the AV community.

Being an integral part of Integrate 2022, even without a direct booth, underscored our commitment to the industry and its future. The event provided a platform for us to gauge reactions, gather feedback, and engage in enriching conversations with fellow industry participants.

Reflecting on Integrate 2022, it serves as an inspiring chapter in our journey, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and the transformative power of technology in shaping experiences.

Booth: E48


Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital solutions platform specialising in dynamic content and voice-controlled AI experiences at every touchpoint

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