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Have you ever sat in a restaurant and felt like it was missing that special touch that would make your dining experience truly memorable?

Dining out is not just about the food and service anymore. In today’s competitive restaurant industry and with so much choice, customers are looking for a dining experience that is personalised, engaging and unforgettable! So it’s more important than ever for restaurants to be innovative and unique in their restaurant setting by creating immersive and delightful experience for their diners. 

In this post, we’ll explore how Sodaclick can help restaurants elevate their customers’ dining experience by providing dynamic HTML5 content for video walls and digital signage that will enhance the restaurant experience.

About Sodaclick:

Sodaclick is an easy-to-use, cloud-based HTML5 dynamic digital content platform that provides immersive experiences.

The platform has an extensive library of agency-grade design templates that can be easily edited and updated without the need for expensive graphic design agency fees. Templates are available as static and pre-animated, which can also be edited infinitely. The platform has the capability to add videos, lotties, live news and weather feeds among other features. This is all possible within the same project and for the same license fee- eliminating the need to use multiple apps, making Sodaclick very cost efficient.

Additionally Sodaclick offers users a multilingual auto-translate feature for all pre-designed templates, ensuring that content is accessible to all customers. These highlights amongst many more is what makes Sodaclick an ideal choice for restaurants and system integrators to use and we’ll see how just below.

Create Personalisation with Video Walls:

With Sodaclick, restaurants can create personalised video wall messages that greet customers by name and display animations and images related to their special occasion very easily. 

Imagine walking into a restaurant to celebrate your birthday with family or friends. You are welcomed by the front desk staff and as you continue into the restaurant you are greeted by a video wall that displays a personalised “Happy Birthday” message. How excited and happy would you feel? Or for families with children, imagine seeing the child’s face light up as they see their name and favourite cartoon characters on a video wall- it really can make the whole dining experience truly magical. 

This type of personalised experience increases customer satisfaction and creates a positive brand image for the restaurant- since customers feel valued and appreciated, especially during special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It is having such elevated feelings of joy and happiness that ultimately enhance the dining experience. Making it truly memorable and improving brand loyalty, as well as increasing value. ‘How’ you may wonder? Well, such happy customers are more likely to return to the restaurant for their future celebrations and naturally share their positive experiences through social media and personal recommendations. 

But you can do more than create personalised experiences with Sodaclick you can improve customer engagement as well.


Create an Engaging Experience:

Since nobody likes waiting for their food, restaurants can easily make that wait more engaging by utilising the Sodaclick platform to create dynamic content. 

For example restaurants can use digital signage screens or video walls to display a variety of content such as a playlist featuring menu specials, promotions, nutrition or allergen information. 

A cultured community spirit can be created by promoting local art and music events, and the video walls or digital signage can incorporate interactive games or quizzes for diners to do together. These implementations keep customers engaged and entertained while they wait for their meal adding value to the restaurant and local community.

Additionally, restaurants can also use video walls or digital signage to display real-time waiting times- allowing customers to better plan their dining experience and reduce frustration. Customer reviews and feedback can also be displayed to give customers reassurance of the brand and positively encourage repeat visits, as well as encouraging customers to promote the business on social media and through word of mouth with organic marketing through social shares and tags.

These are just some suggestions but as you can see, the opportunities are endless. 

Use Cases

Sodaclick’s digital content platform has helped restaurants of all sizes elevate their dining experience and let’s just take a look at two examples. 

One client, a small Italian restaurant in London saw a 30% increase in repeat business after using Sodaclick to create personalised video wall messages for their customers’ special occasions. Whilst another restaurant in Manchester used the Sodaclick platform to display real-time waiting times and saw a 15% reduction in customer complaints, as well as a 20% increase in repeat business. These clearly highlight how the combination of digital signage with Sodaclick’s versatility makes it easy for restaurants to tailor content to their customers’ needs. Creating better and more unique dining experiences.



In the current landscape of the restaurant industry, it is imperative to be able to provide customers with an engaging and immersive dining experience.

By taking advantage of the benefits of technology and a great content platform to incorporate dynamic content, personalisation and real-time feeds, restaurants can easily create great content and truly elevate the dining experience to create positive memories that keep customers coming back. 

If you are ready to take your restaurant’s dining experience to the next level, why not book a free demo and consultation or visit www.sodaclick.com for more information today.

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